A Mems Mirror Enabled Foveating Camera

Brevin Tilmon, Eakta Jain, Silvia Ferrari, Sanjeev J. Koppal

Most cameras today photograph their entire visual field. In contrast, decades of active vision research have proposed foveating camera designs, which allow for selective scene viewing. However, active vision’s impact is limited by slow options for mechanical camera movement. We propose a new design, called FoveaCam, and which works by capturing reflections off a tiny, fast moving mirror. FoveaCams can obtain high resolution imagery on multiple regions of interest, even if these are at different depths and viewing directions. We first discuss our prototype and optical calibration strategies. We then outline a control algorithm for the mirror to track target pairs. Finally, we demonstrate a practical application of the full system to enable eye tracking at a distance for frontal faces.

ICCP 2020 | PAMI 2021 | Code | Supplementary

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